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Malaiyandi Idliwala was founded in 1985 by Mr. Malaiyandi from Dharavi, Mumbai.

Mr. Malaiyandi started this business as a hawker, who sold his delicious idli's walking from lane to lane, door to door . His hard work and mouth watering idli's lead him to be a successful entrepreneur today.After hot selling idli's, Malaiyandi brothers focused on other traditional south Indian items like Idli's, Dosa's, Aappam, Wadas, Uttappa etc. Now it sells different types of Idlis, Wadas, Dosa, Uttappa to name a few.

Malaiyandi brothers have now turned to be a leading suppliers to the top caterer's in Mumbai and even to some of leading Three Star Hotels and A1 Graded Restaurants in Mumbai. There food supplies have left no stones unturned in any state's or cities of India.

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